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Carbon Neutral Technology Company Interview (2)_60Hertz

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 Key Milestones: 

◎ 23.02. Achieved 'RE100' through Kakao's transition to renewable energy

◎ 23.01. Awarded the CES Innovation Award 

◎ 22.12. Selected for the project to build a renewable energy generation forecasting model by Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. 

◎ 22.10. Signed an MOU with the Korea Power Exchange and SK Telecom for the enhancement of the power grid operation 

◎ 22.06. Developed RE100 simulation software for Hyundai Engineering & Construction 

◎ 22.05. Developed a virtual power plant "Energy Superstation" for SK Energy 

◎ 22.11. Received the Presidential Award 

◎ 22.10. Received the Prime Minister's Award 

◎ 21.07. Seed investment of 600 million KRW 

◎ 20.11. Established the corporation 

 Key Awards: 

◎ 23.01. CES Innovation Award (Sustainability, Eco Design, and Smart Energy Category)

◎ 21.11. Grand Prize (Presidential Award) in the Public Data Utilization Startup Competition 

◎ 21.10. Grand Prize (Prime Minister's Award) in the Social Venture Competition 

◎ 21.08. Grand Prize (Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy) Award) in the Public Data Utilization Business Idea Competition 

◎ 21.07. Social Venture IR Award (Minister of SMEs and Startups Award) at the Social Economy Fair 

 Key Press Releases:

◎ "Kakao '100% Renewable Energy for Jeju Office Usage...Achieves RE100"


◎ "Sixty Hertz's 'EnergyScrum' Receives CES 2023 Innovation Award"

◎ "Sixty Hertz, Investing in a Power Plant without a Power Plant" 


◎ "Want to Use Only Solar and Wind Electricity? 'Subscribe in the Future'" 


◎ "In the Era of Renewable Energy, Predicting the Generation of Tens of Thousands of 'Small Power Plants' is Essential" 


◎ "SKT, Hyundai Motor Company Also Paying Attention...The Person Who Created the 'Renewable Energy Virtual Power Plant'" 


◎ "Sixty Hertz Attracts Investment from Impact Investment Firms and Major Corporations" 


◎ "Unveiling 'Korea's Virtual Power Plant' Connecting Renewable Energy" 





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