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Launching Ceremony of Treebus - A launching ceremony will be held in P…

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The NetZero 2050 Climate Foundation held the launch ceremony of the "Treebus," a climate change youth organization consisting of Winter 700, I-In-the-Sky, Samcheok Campus social welfare students, and national short trackers in Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, on the 19th.

The climate change youth organization "Treebus" vowed to help young people take the lead in planting trees in forest fire areas in Samcheok and Uljin to make up for the damage to national forests.

Under the name of the campaign "We Plant Air," it decided to engage in activities to induce social interest and participation in the restoration and management of forest carbon sinks.

​Future campaigns and activities will not be limited to Korea, but will be conducted in collaboration with global youth leaders who are interested in climate change issues such as forest restoration, anti-desertation activities, ecosystem protection, environmental protection campaigns, and seminars.

They agreed to develop the climate change youth organization "Treebus" into a global climate environment leader.


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