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Conclusion of the MOU with Joongbu University

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The Net Zero 2050 Climate Foundation, a non-profit corporation, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Joongbu University to "establish organic solidarity to solve climate, environment and energy problems."

Jang Dae-sik (Chairman of the Net Zero 2050 Climate Foundation), Choi Kwang-seok (Secretary-General), Lee Jung-yeol(President of Joongbu University), and Lee Joo-heon (Head of industry-academic cooperation), attended the meeting.

With this agreement, the two organizations agreed to jointly promote the establishment of a climate department and a carbon neutral support center with the Climate Foundation in relation to climate, environment, and carbon neutrality.

It will also cooperate closely on carbon neutrality and responding to the climate crisis, and through this, it will actively support future generations to grow into global talents who make carbon neutral practice a daily life.

Jang Dae-sik, chairman of the Net Zero 2050 Climate Foundation, said, "We hope that Joongbu University will develop into a specialized university that leads global carbon neutrality, become a cornerstone for achieving carbon neutrality in society, and foster talented people with global knowledge on climate change and sustainable development."


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