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Conclusion of the MOU with Nationwide Delivery Riders Association for …

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(사)한국전기이륜차배달라이더협회 강창헌 회장,  넷제로 2050 기후재단 장대식 이사장 

The NetZero 2050 Climate Foundation, a non-profit corporation under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, signed a MOU with Nationwide Delivery Riders Association at the conference room of the NetZero 2050 Climate Foundation in Seocho-gu, Seoul. Through this business agreement, the two organizations announced on the 10th that they have set the stage for the first step in greater cooperation for realizing a sustainable carbon-neutral society.

The ceremony was attended by Jang Dae-sik, secretary-general of the foundation, Lee Hee-kyung, director of planning and research, Ahn Soo-ji, senior researcher, and Kang Chang-hun, secretary general Ahn Jae-hong, chairman, and director Jeong Yeon-hee.

Kang Chang-heon, chairman of the association, said, "The business agreement with the foundation is highly expected to serve as a starting point of representative models that both institutions can make profits by doing good work."

While motorcycles are cited as one of the contributions to fine dust emissions in the city, the association is planning a project to reduce fine dust through the distribution of electric motorcycles. By replacing riders' motorcycles with electric motorcycles, the company plans a win-win model that reduces fine dust environmentally and creates additional profits by giving carbon emission rights for reduction of greenhouse gas per mileage.(using IoT of KT) 

With this agreement, the two organizations will closely cooperate to establish and implement a standard model for delivery and logistics for the implementation of carbon neutrality, actively cooperate to play a role as a "leading model for voluntary greenhouse gas reduction market", and further contribute to realizing a carbon neutral society.


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