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The NetZero 2050 Climate Foundation participates 2022 Jeollabuk-do Ren…

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넷제로 2050 기후재단 장대식 이사장, 김종훈 전라북도 정무부지사,  강임준 군산시장,군산새만금컨벤션센터(GSCO)에서 개최된 ‘2022 전라북도 신재생에너지 박람회’에서 넷제로 2050 전시‧홍보관을 내빈들과 둘러보고 있다. 

The NetZero 2050 Climate Foundation under  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted a policy session seminar and forum at the 2022 Jeollabuk-do Renewable Energy Expo held at the Gunsan Saemangeum Convention Center (GSCO) for three days from September 28 (Wed). The Expo was hosted by Jeollabuk-do, Gunsan-si, and Saemangeum Development Office, Jeonbuk Techno Park, NetZero 2050 Climate Foundation, Gunsan National University of Korea Institute of Maritime Wind Power, New and Renewable Energy Material Development Support Center, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology and Korea Energy Research Institute.

The NetZero 2050 Climate Foundation also participated in the booth exhibition about a leading carbon-neutral technology company. Lightbridge (CEO Kim Jong-hoon), a manufacturer of hydroelectric hydrogen production and metal hydride (solid hydrogen) storage devices that effectively convert intermittent and fluid power of dispersed power and renewable energy into hydrogen. Beltran Korea (CEO Park Sang-eon), a gasification plant manufacturer that converts biomass and other organic wastes into energy-producing high-temperature refining synthesis gas using a thermoelectric power generation (CHP) method, and an eco-tube tower that removes high-purity calcium carbonate (CCUS), a liquid and salt-depleting systemIn collaboration with the Gunsan Shipbuilding and Marine Technology Cooperative (CEO Choi Sun-don) and Sejong University, an eco-friendly smart farm development plant module including ESG Business School's master smart farm-related curriculum, and a master agricultural and livestock sales platform company (CEO Yang Jin-mo) participated to introduce new technologies and research for carbon neutrality.

At the 2022 Jeollabuk-do Renewable Energy Fair, the NetZero 2050 Climate Foundation contributed to creating conditions for Saemangeum to become a carbon-neutral hub in Northeast Asia through various topics, lectures, and forums on renewable energy policies. 

For this, the vision and strategy, and the application plan of carbon-neutral technology were comprehensively sought. 


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