NET ZERO 2050 Climate Foundation

Net Zero 2050 Climate Foundation


Leading the Global Net-Zero with the Future Generation.

Net Zero 2050 Climate Foundation shares the knowledge of climate change’s impact on the global environment and humanity. The foundation is established to solve, seek, and practice solutions to climate, environmental, and energy problems based on the paradigm of sustainable development.

To solve the problem caused by climate change, the foundation will lead private-led technological innovation to minimize carbon emissions by 2050, and discover and promote energy, environment, and climate-related practices so that the entire global community can pursue the values of symbiosis, co-prosperity, and coexistence together.

We will take the lead in creating a new order of prosperity and cooperation by discussing the issues, and sharing and carrying out alternative plans with the global family.

To secure a safe future and sustainable development for the current and future generations, all activities of the foundation will include our passion to build a better world. We would like to share our passion with those who wish for a net-zero society.

Yours Sincerely,

Net Zero 2050 Climate Foundation
Chairman, Jang Dae-Sik