NET ZERO 2050 Climate Foundation

Net Zero 2050 Climate Foundation


“Realization of the better future, the better world,
and global goods with Net Zero Society”


NET ZERO 2050 Climate Foundation was established to proactively react to the climate change crisis that worsens every day, and support the efforts and motivate the international society, governments and companies, and civil societies to completely remove the emission of carbon dioxide by 2050

The foundation is planning to make a practical contribution to achieving carbon neutrality of international societies and the Republic of Korea to resolve the climate changes with net carbon emission to 0, that is Net Zero (Carbon Neutrality) by developing and proposing policies to reduce carbon emission, carrying out society educations and promotions, and unification and cooperation with the domestic and international academic world, research institutes, environment groups, and civil societies.

We are confident that practical achievements can be made by shifting from the paradigm of growth to the paradigm for sustainable development for carbon neutrality. By actively energy, environmental, and climate-related promoting practice programs for the shift, the foundation will realize the unification and communication, co-existence, co-prosperity, and symbiosis of the world.

NET ZERO 2050 Climate Foundation is the platform of carbon neutrality where information on carbon neutrality is produced, shared, and practiced to form the new culture and values. We will lead the development and publicization of making the transition to carbon-neutral strategies and energy to a new growth engine for not just the Korean economy but the international economy and an opportunity to create new employment; with the communication with international specialists of the field and relevant research institutes to spread the carbon neutrality achievement of Korea, and put our efforts on spreading the trend and information of the international society to the domestic public to contribute to the establishment and practice of carbon neutrality strategy of the government and companies.

NET ZERO 2050 Climate Foundation will contribute to the Republic of Korea, which is a country of high-carbon industrialization based on cheap fossil fuels, to be not a passive follower of the global trend that is carbon neutrality but to be the top-class country that actively leads the decarbonization of the international economy

NET ZERO 2050 we open, all activities to practice carbon neutrality will contain the past and the present of the world, and our passion to open up the future.

The vision and the values NET ZERO 2050 Climate Foundation pursues is to practice the big proposition of sustainable development of the world with the world. The establishment of the NET ZERO 2050 foundation is the promise to practice a better future, better world, and global good that is the future of the world.

November 13th, 2020

Jang, Dae-sik, the representative initiator of NET ZERO 2050 Climate Foundation

Core Value

Purpose of Establishment

Net Zero 2050 Climate Foundation CI

NET ZERO 2050 Climate Foundation has enacted CI to represent the will and passion that achieve a carbon-neutral society with the international society, governments and companies, and local civil societies members.
NET ZERO 2050 Climate Foundation's CI takes the motif from the element symbol of carbon (C) to represent the meaning of practicing the better future, the better world, and Global Good with the synergy of mankind, nature, and the Earth.

ㅇ Hexagon
The hexagon is the element symbol of carbon (C) materialized into a hexagon, and it is the representation of global identity that represents the transition of the image from high-carbon-based growth (Gray Growth) to decarbonization-based growth (Green Growth).

ㅇ Melon Green
Melon Green represents decarbonized society. It represents the will to achieve the practice of Net Zero and carbon neutrality by 2050 to achieve: green energy production, increased energy efficiency, improvements of the buildings, decarbonization of materials, eco-friendly transportation system, forest restoration, and resource recovery from the wastes in phase, and to sustainable Net Zero society via education, promotion, and participation programs.

ㅇ Charcoal Gray
Charcoal Gray represents the high-carbon-based growth paradigm in this era of prioritizing economic growth and the necessity of it being changed to the sustainable paradigm that maintains the harmonious balance of economy, environment, development of society via Net Zero.